European Projects

Entity and Financial line: European lines of projects I4MS of 7º Programme.

Created together with Cottes Group and CYPE Engineers.

Fire in the Cloud includes two major goals: firstly, to introduce in the platform “CloudFlow” the CYPE-FDS software based on “Fire Dynamics Simulator” solver, property of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Secondly to develop a complete calculation about anti-fired systems in a shopping centre located in Spain.

ITECAM has participated actively in the creation and determination of the project together with two main members Cottes Group which is specialized in design and installation of anti-fired mechanism fully active and passive security in trade buildings and industrial spaces, and CYPE Engineers referred to the development of software pointed to structures, design and installation in constructions.

ITECAM manages the experiment under a technical and administrative point of view, coordinating several activities to be developed by each member of the committee. The Unit of Simulation would cooperate with Cottes Group in the confirmation of CYPE-FDS, through fired scenes simulations as an example of the real local working stations as well as through HPC architecture of CloudFlow project, supplied by Arctur Universe.

CloudFlow is a European project started in June 2014, whose main goal is the integration of tools as CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM and management of data in the cloud. The aiml is to allow technical staff in companies to computable scalable sources under demand as well as the previously mentioned tools, without invest in the acquisition of the software whose cost tend to be usually elevated.

Entity and financial line: European Network Climate-KIC.

European network Climate-KIC is one of the most important initiatives in the European Union referred to innovation against climatic change, composed by companies, academic institutions and public organisms. ITECAM was chose in 2015 to participate in “Pioneers into Practice” (PIP) project, a European programme that includes professionals, experts and enterprising to innovate in products and services able to decrease and avoid CO2 discharge to contribute into the development of a sustainable world.

Pioneers is a professional mobility programme in Network that includes technical staff specialized for two months, participating in the development of European innovative projects for the improvement of climatic change.

Concretely, there were elaborated stays for OTRI staff in LISITT (Integrated Laboratory of Intelligence Systems and Technology of Traffic Information), a group of investigation and integrated development inside IRTIC of University of Valencia or Bay Zoltán, Technological Centre of Budapest (Hungary).

Entity and financial line: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. European Project of Technological Centres 2016.

Those aids are set aside to favour participation of both Technical Centres and Supportive Centres to technological innovation in the Horizon 2020 and to strengthen their capacity to invite more companies to join the programme. The final goal is to provide centres with a complete and stable structure to the appropriate preparation and management of European projects including both centres and companies in the improvement of their business positions and possibilities to obtain community financing in Horizon 2020.

For the development of such initiative, ITECAM will set in motion an Office for European Projects (OPE) that will answer to the specific necessities detected by the associated companies and that will also be in charge of alienate I+D+i projects with the previous stablished goals in each of the opened European calls. The conclusive aim is to minimize risks, provide technical support to those entities that requires it punctually or totally and to supply enough resources to an effective direction of projects.

Moreover, the OPE would allow in ITECAM to create a sustainable structure in management and international promotion of I+D+i projects in a specific area in which metal-mechanic sector in Castilla-La Mancha would be included as the imperative sector of the regional strategy RIS3.

The unity will be responsible of spread information about calls and tenders of EU programmes, to provide support in the presentation of projects and programmes from the EU and to drive training actions in specific required areas.

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