Dimensional metrology

Through the third-dimensional digitalization it is captured geometric information about a single piece or a model. This information can be useful to create a dimensional control like in a process of reverse engineering.


  • Inspection and control geometrical and dimensional

- Direct measures: that can include virtual calibre to measure any dimension mark of any digitalized model.

- GD&T measurements: measures of cylindricity, parallelism, position, etc. under the measure standard GD&T (geometrical dimensioning and tolerance).

- Third-dimensional analysis of metrological deviations: comparison between the third-dimensional metrological deviations of digitalized models and the CAD or digitalized model pattern.

  • Digitalization and reverse engineering

- Polygonal models of creation (STL) for the direct manufacturing CAD-CAM or prototyped.

- Reconstruction of CAD models from digitalized ones.

- All included services in reverse engineering: reconstruction of models, creation of spares and dimensional control.


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