Calculation of Structures

The calculation area of structures offers the possibility to approach complex calculations of structures under the UNE rules and the Eurocode. Itecam professionals are not only specialized in calculations but in manufacture, offering then the possibility to approve projects as well as manufactures directions both technical and of realisation.

In the development of those projects it is been used specific programs for structures design as CYPECAD and CYPE3D, as well as stencils of calculations suitable for specific situations that are not contemplated in commercial software.

Typologies in calculations include:

  • Reinforced concrete structures, mixed structures, load bearing walls in factories and canals, calculations in foundations and slabs.
  • Huge metal structures with solder and screwed unions, including the dimension in crane bridges and its effect over the structure, foundations and local calculations in knots.
  • Detailed analysis of plaques and membranes: as well as inforce elements, huge beams, canals, metal boards, containers and hoppers. For that purpose, MEF techniques are used.