FEM Simulations

The method for Finite Elements is a numeric technique used in the industry to solve complex problems of engineering, with a huge range of physics whose resolution can be set out through its employment.

The Unit of Simulation and Calculation of Itecam is specialized in:

  • Calculation in thermal-mechanic problems mainly no lineated (geometric, law in materials, contacts…)
  • Study of structures and stretcher in machines that are subjugated to huge charge states under the legal rules, that requires:

- Local studies of tensions

- Dynamic studies as the analysis of proper frequencies, seismic calculations through spectral analysis, harmonious analysis

  • Simulation of thermal phenomena, as:

- Simulations in thermal isolation systems

- Passive refrigeration of electric components

- Impressed systems by thermal radiation

- Studies in cryogenic plumbing anchoring, condensers, pressure kits that work in high temperatures…

  • Resolution of problems of flow-structure interaction unique and bidirectional.
  • Thigh physics as thermo-electrical and piece-electricity.