Climate Laboratory

Itecam has advanced technological equipment to carry out a complete battery of climatic tests.

Featured Media



  • Capacity: 3 m³. Probetas of up to 1,400 kg of weight
  • Observation window with brush
  • Reinforced tray for 1 tm
  • Steel inner tank
  • Test option with vacuum system
  • Cable gland for test specimens in motion



Salina Corrosion Chamber

  • WALK-IN type 7.7 m³
  • Capacity for very high mass samples (8m3)
  • Entrance ramp
  • Shed 30º
  • Modulable to 3 zones
  • Control of temperature and humidity level
  • Cable gland for test specimens in motion




Acoustics Laboratory

With a unique facilities in Castilla-La Mancha, this laboratory is formed by two cameras of sound transmission, as well as having all the necessary complementary equipment for the evaluation of acoustic quality against noise of materials, products and construction systems.

Featured Media

Cameras of sound transmission

  • VRECEIVER = 58,90 m3
  • VISSUER = 200,34 m3
  • SSAMPLE HOLDERS = 10,00 m2



Reverberant camera

  • V = 7,88 x 5,65 x 4,5 = 200,34 m3