The technological centre offers the possibility to evaluate the acoustic quality in materials, products and constructive systems against noises through trials.

The evaluation of this acoustic behaviour allows to know to what degree is acoustic power, absorption, transmission and noises attenuation in order to define their subsequent utilization in constructions, infrastructures and installations.


  • Acoustic characterization of elements and constructive products to edification through laboratory tests:

- Tests in acoustic isolation to air noises.

- Tests in acoustic absorption.

  • Displays characterization of noises in huge infrastructures for means of transport (trains, airports, cars for roads…)
  • Characterization of noisy machines and industrial equipment, electrical household appliance, acoustic boundaries…
  • Special studies to the acoustic reconditioning of edifications: theatres, conference rooms, cinemas, and associated areas.
  • Participation as a testing laboratory in voluntary certification of products.
  • Assessment to the rules observance and regulations about acoustic conditions in buildings: DBHR “Protection against noise”.
  • Acoustic isolation studies and evaluation of noise levels.