Itecam counts with a laboratory that allows them to reproduce the climatic conditions to which a products or a component can be exposed. Thus, it is possible to determine its behaviour to achieve a better development in adversative conditions.

In order to do that, there are several laboratory testing services, depending on the requirements of each company.


  • Tests in dust and water tightness (IP degree):

Within this trials it is possible to obtain the IP degree in tightness, that is, the resistance of water and dust of different products in different climatic conditions.

  • Tests in corrosion and accelerated life in saline fog:

It includes different trials to different materials under the national and international regulations to obtain information about the behaviour of certain products exposed outdoors.

      The application will be useful to:

  • - Quality control in products
  • - Create comparisons among different materials and manufacturers
  • - Estimate the usefulness of certain materials
  • - Investigation and development of new recovers.
  • Tests in control of quality recovers and paintings.
  • Characterization of solar trackers.

   Together with ISFOC (Institute of Photovoltaic Systems of Concentration), Itecam carries out tests, validation products and analysis in results, both for the key components of a solar tracker and for the complete tracker itself. Everything under procedures applied in the regulation IEC62817. To know more about, please click HERE