Modelling and design 3D

Itecam includes a professional team highly qualified and with necessary informatics tools so potential in market to introduce any industrial design project from basic ones to the most complex developments of I+D.

Services developed by the company overcome all stages, from conception of ideas to its presentation in market.

  • Conceptual design and product: Definition and development of new design of products from their very first stage.
  • Optimization of design: development and improvement of a design based on an idea or a design already introduced.
  • Analysis and evaluation of design: Studies in the developed design to check its precise functioning.
  • Computer graphics and descriptive documentation: Creation of documentation to describe geometry, components, functioning, etc. of a specific product.
  • Complex computer graphics: hiperrealistic images created through calculation of illumination with three-dimensional models.
  • Technical assistance in situ: Services of technical assistant in 3D modulation in clients’ installations.