Activity Lines

Nowadays, the market is more and more competitive and exigent with products. That is the reason why it is better to maximize the encouragement and the cost of manufacturing of all machines and products. Because of that, the election and verification of materials is essential when ensure a long prolonged life in services.

Itecam includes in its company a laboratory prepared to create tests and chemical analysis of materials.


  • Mechanical tests of traction, flexion, folding, twisted, adhered, cyclic charges, over screwed unions, shearing.

There are also different proves with metallic materials, composed, fabrics, plastics, etc.

  • Characterization of hardness surface: (Shore, Brinell, Vickers…) Measure the hardness of the surface of materials allows us to obtain information about the effectiveness of those different treatments superficial or the control of quality before and after reception.
  • Mechanical tests about welded unions
  • Metal and graphic characterization.

Macrographic and micro-graphic trials allow the evaluation of the quality of creation of materials, the solder process, the analysis of cracks and fissures. Within the solder process it is determined the quality of the union among the metal base and its contribution.

  • Analysis of alloy composition: through an optical spectrometer of spark it can be obtained the chemical composition of a specific material.
  • Quality tests and 3.1.B certification:

- Quality control of raw material

- Quality control of the whole product

  • END visual and permanent liquids.