Why be associated with ITECAM?

  • Immediate solution in specific problems and onetime doubts.
  • Priority in the development of services, course registration and participation in projects.
  • Information, procedure and personal advising in private and public finances.
  • Access and contact with extensive companies, Centres of I+D and Administration
  • Trade divulgation about the company as well as its capacities through “Cluster ITECAM”.
  • Maximum priority in collaboration with specific projects developed within the company
  • Lecture rooms and specific room spaces available
  • Periodical consignment of information
    • Novelties and opportunities in I+D+i spaces
    • Technical journeys, seminars and training courses organized directly from ITECAM, with specific preference in subscription
    • Newsletter ITECAM
    • Digital newsletters
    • Annual memory about certain activities
  • Discounts in all employed services(Both discounts are accumulative)
    • 15% for companies associated with ITECAM
    • 5% plus for being associated with any company that includes a previous collaboration agreement with ITECAM